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Ahimsa (non-violence) implies causing no harm, injury, pain, suffering or death to fellow human beings or other living creatures. We commit no sin when we kill microbes etc. unknowingly, due to reasons completely beyond our knowledge or control, or even knowingly to save ourselves from diseases. However, today we human beings are inflicting great harm on ourselves and others, including our own children, which is all completely avoidable. Sometimes we may not be knowing that what we do daily in our lives is in fact quite harmful and sometimes we may somehow try to justify our deeds saying that it is inevitable. This small book should help you understand these issues and help you adapt a less harmful life style. The book is written in simple and direct style and as such should be readable by all. Please buy copies for yourself and for others you know and please read through the book completely and carefully. At times you may find my writing a bit too harsh, let me assure you I do not mean to hurt you, this is just my style of driving home the point straight.

The book relates modern diseases to our life style and the resulting poisoning of the air, water and soil system. The term pollution may trigger thoughts of dust, dirt, smoke etc. in your minds but the most dangerous kind of pollution is chemical pollution, which may remain largely unnoticed by our sense organs, even while the air, water and food get poisoned to dangerous levels. The book argues that the only way to remain strong and healthy is to cut down on chemical pollution. You may think that some of my suggestions are a bit too drastic and impracticable. Just think, is there any other alternative? Our current ways of living are simply not sustainable in the long run. Either we change or we perish. Better early than late, is it not?

The book goes further to argue that completely harmless living is possible. Such a life is in fact the only sustainable alternative. Simple living is harmless living. Simple living does not mean giving up everything and becoming a monk or a sanyasi. You can have all the pleasures of a normal family life, you give up only harmful and wasteful activities. In fact once you get into the world of simple living, you will find it to be a much better way of life. Simple living is not an option. You have no choice. That is the only stable and sustainable way of life.

In order to demonstrate practically that such a simple, natural, holistic, harmless living is in fact possible even in today's world, our dream is to establish an INSTITUTE FOR HARMLESS LIVING, a kind of an Ashrama where people can live, learn and work like an extended family. There will be trust, understanding and cooperation but no competition. Everybody will be nice, kind and helpful to everybody else. The ashrama will be largely self sufficient in water, food, even energy. Research and development leading to natural and harmless alternative technologies and products will be taken up. The institute will have cows, will grow a wide variety of plants and trees for food and medicine, will harness the power of nature efficiently and will follow a largely self sufficient, self-reliant and zero-waste life style. The institute promises relatively clean air, water and food, health and all round well being, hoping to achieve human excellence in every walk of life. The institute and its activities will be non-commercial, voluntary, non-profit, charitable, non-sectarian and open to all. Once proved, the model can be replicated elsewhere.

The institute will keep cows, take up organic farming, run regular short term and long term courses in yoga and fitness, traditional systems of medicine, Sanskrit and various aspects of ancient Indian sciences including Vedanta and other systems of Indian philosophy, as also secular subjects taught in a holistic and humanistic way. The institute will promote all forms of arts and crafts including music, dance, drama, painting etc. It may be noted that some of these activities are already going on successfully over the last few years, albeit on a smaller scale. To realize our dreams in full, we will need a piece of land, at least 10 to 15 acres in size, far away from any city. We will also need a few dedicated volunteers to start with. Calling the attention of all like minded people, looking forward to your help, cooperation and support of every kind, to make this dream come true. Please buy copies of the book for yourself and others you know, please read the book carefully and completely, please help us translate it into other languages and get it published in local newspapers and magazines, please help us give this widest possible publicity in every possible way. You may forward this mail to all you know. You may also suggest email ids of other like minded people so that we can communicate with them directly in future.

Your comments and suggestions are valuable. Please feel free to get in touch with us. Phone number is available on request. Please visit this site (www.LanguageTechnologies.ac.in or for more information and periodic updates and announcements. Several articles, books and booklets are in the pipeline. You will also find a shorter (three page) version of the present book here. Feel free to download and distribute. For print version, please contact the author at knmuh@yahoo.com or in person at Room No. E-210, the School of CIS, University of Hyderabad, or at CIIL, Mysore. The book costs Rs. 20/- only.

Let us all join hands and work for the all round well being of the individual as also of the human society as a whole. Let us all practice Ahimsa.

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