Freedom: The Art and Science of Life - Comments by Previwers

"Book is good. Written well. Home work is done. Author is fully involved, He practices, does experiments and tells others."

"Overall, the book deals with a very interesting subject and my appreciations and thanks go to you for having taken the pains to collate your thoughts in such a nice form."

"The book is a masterpiece - no doubt about it. I can imagine how many years of deep thinking and hard work has gone into it. In fact this reading had a profound influence on me already and it has changed the way I look at life."

"Firstly, I want to bow my head and wish you for writing such a great book."

"A book to be lived, not just read and understood."

"It was really a nice experience just going through the book. At the beginning I had a lot of confusions and doubts in my mind and I feel most of them have been answered in the book. For now, I want go through the book a few more times, understand and learn it better and try to apply it as far as possible within my limits."

"I would like to live my life similar to (or close to) whatever you have explained in the 'Dream life' section of the last chapter. Although with the modern globalized society we are in such a situation where we are so much interdependent on others and living such a life is not so easy (until others decide to take the same path), I would like to try my best to implement it."

"All my compliments. Actually, such books are very rare, very few people have understanding both of modern science, of environmental issues, of yoga practice and of Vedanta philosophy."

"Thanks for writing about the ancient Indian wisdom, some of which I would like to put into practice."

"It is refreshing that someone took the task of writing it all down clearly and carefully."

"It must have taken tremendous amount of your energy to understand and learn the Vedas and try to put it in simple terms in the common man's language like this. Hats off to you!"

"I found the text extremely well written, very incisive, with careful unfolding of arguments."

"The finesse of Vedanta is clearly evident. The use of modern issues in examples actually helps to answer queries that play on the mind."

"I am amazed at the amount of background study and thinking that must have gone on for writing this kind of a book."

"I fully agree with all that is said in the book."

"Book addresses the reader directly. It is like a dialogue. Sometimes readers feel self-dialogues. Very engaging style. Appears to anticipate what the reader's mind will query next. Chatty, yet not flippant. Comes across as a teacher on the podium, hence adds to the delivery of his teaching/treatise."

"Very structured. He has gone into very fine nuances to ensure nothing is missed. The road is mapped very carefully."

"His explanations are blended with science and logic, logic itself based on science and mathematics. He refers to your academic knowledge and to your daily life, so that the reader is not put off by seeming technical jargon."

"Rather aggressive towards 'academic scientists', but well-informed, and with healthy questioning."

"Final word on style: It is one book that talks to one person, seems to address just one person: you, the singular reader. It therefore grips you as when someone is talking to you, you won't walk away because you got bored. Likewise the way he engages with you keeps you rooted, AND he does not lose the point. It was vindicating to see him return to an argument after 3 pages."

"A great book, a divine book."

"All my compliments again for a colossal achievement."