Health is Wealth

DHIMAHI: A free, voluntary movement to educate people about Health, Fitness and Well-Being. To offer free counselling and Medical Advice. To promote local and traditional systems of medicine and health-care.

Feeling Weak? Tired? Not getting Good Sleep? Restless? Unable to Concentrate? Poor Memory? Anxiety/Worry/Tension? Depression?

Our health keeps getting degraded gradually due to Age and Stress, due to Life Style and Food Habits, due to Pollution and other Environmental factors, without our notice. We become weak and vulnerable. We realize only when we fall seriously ill. Prevention is better than Cure. Take good care of your health. Aim for a Strong Mind in a Strong, Healthy, Fit Body. Now.

DHH brings you the best of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation, and several other traditional and non-conventional methods of health care.

DHH is Simple, Safe, Sure. DHH is Natural and largely Free from Side Effects.

Some people think that Ayurveda is only for back pain, joint pains etc. Ayurveda is a complete system of prevention and cure, it has remedies for ALL diseases and medical conditions. Ayurveda is based on sound scientific principles and time tested over thousands of years.

DHH is based on sound theoretical foundations, thousands of years of experience and trust and confidence of a large number of users. It is practiced by people who have learned the art and science of health the traditional way over generations.

Improve your Strength, Stamina, Energy Levels, Alertness, Concentration, Sharpen your Memory, Improve your Productivity, Enhance your Sexual Vigour and Vitality. Ask us now to know more.

Usual Vitamin Supplements etc. do not work, they are not absorbed well by the body, they may also lead to complications.

DHH brings you combinations of natural and safe herbo-mineral tonics and supplements, tailor-made to each individual, based on age, sex, state of health and prakriti (nature) of the body. They strengthen you from inside, they boost your immunity and resistance power.

Also available: Simple, Safe, Sure treatments for Cracked Heals, Gas/Acidty/Ulcers, Constipation, Piles, Skin Diseases, Back Pain, Joint Pains, Cold/Cough/Fever, Throat and Stomach Infections, and other common health conditions.

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