Funded Research Project

Title: A New Framework for Analysis, Generation and Translation in Indian Languages (Kannada and Telugu)

Funded By: TDIL, DeitY, Govt. of India.

Sanction No.: 11(2)/2014-HCC(TDIL) dated 12 Nov 2014

Status: Completed

Duration: Initially 12 Nov 2014 to 11 May 2016 (18 Months) Extended up to 11 May 2017 (30 Months Total)

Budget: Rs. 97.74 Lakhs (Rs. 66.10 Lakhs for First Year + Rs. 31.64 Lakhs for Second Year) Released: Rs. 66,10,000. Interest Earned: Rs.34,346. Utilized: Rs. 46,18,757. Balance: 20,25,589 returned to the Funding Body.

Highlights: 1. The saara Theory. 2. Kannada-Telugu MT system. 3. Telugu-Kannada MT system 4. The saara MTDF - a Generic Framework for Developing High Performance MT Systems between any two languages. Interested? Pl. contact us.

Consortium: University of Hyderabad (Consortium Leader) + C-DAC Bangalore + RV College of Engineering, Bangalore + PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore + Karnataka Sanskrit University, Bangalore + C-DAC Hyderabad as User Agency.

Project Report: Submitted to TDIL in Oct 2018

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