29 Oct 2012:

I deem it a privilege to write a few words about the book "freedom" recently published by Professor Dr. Kavi Narayana Murty. "Freedom" is a book about life, which covers an entire range of life and shows a whole realm of possibilities through a new window for Freedom from all clutches of life.

I still very clearly remember my days in Hyderabad Central University when I first time met young professor Dr. Kavi Narayana Murti in the Dept of Computer Science. His knowledge, research interests and enthusiasm to work for Indian Languages attracted me towards him. Dr. Narayana Murti is an expert in NLP area in Computer science. Few years later, during the boom of IT sector, I asked him when i met him - Sir, why don't you work for private companies where a person of your stature would get the salary ten times more of what you are getting in the university? He replied - "what should i do with that much money?" I don't want money ; I want peace and simple life. This is the way Dr. Narayana Murti lives. He writes what he practices. Thats why I liked his book "Freedom".

As I started reading the book long back when he had sent me the pre-publication e-copy of the book, I had the privilege of understanding the depth of his knowledge of Vedic and Upanishadic literature and a fair understanding of Indian Spirit. One can get what he is through the footages in his mails that read as under:

Guiding Principles for a Better Life:

1) Simple Living = Non-Polluting, Harmless Living = ahiMsa

2) Self Improvement - Stop Complaining, Set Examples

3) Human Values - Put satya and ahiMsa ahead of Money and Success

4) Indian Tradition - The Wisdom of our ancient Rshi-s

5) Social Service - Live and Let Live

The book elaborates these lines in detail. The introduction gives a glimpse of what is dealt in the entire book. It also suggests some plans how to read the book. Though the book seems to be voluminous, no part is worthy of skipping. However, the author gives a scope for cursory reading in some places in the beginning while giving a summary of the chapter at the end of each chapters.

I have seen many books written on the subjects related to Vedanta in the form of translation, description of an established theory or a notion etc. This book is somewhat different. It deals with the human life under the shadow of vedantic view. However, never tries to push any sectarian view of Vedanta unless it is practical. A holistic view about life is presented that helps us to fight agains all adversities of life. Freedom from resentment, regret, sorrow, our own bad-habits, and lacuna.

The book describes majorly two parts of life - the universe and the self. Besides dealing with all aspects of these two elements, the book talks about the relation of the two from a perspective of practical life.

It is a meticulously researched work that projects the holistic Bharatiya view of life envisaged by a techno-savvy seer of modern world yet living a simple and sage life. I am confident that the book is worth reading for any common man and even for scholars.

The book (ISBN: 978-9381951-27-9) available with the publisher Literary Circle, C-12/13, First Floor, Opp. Khandelwal Girls College, S.C.Road, JAIPUR, Email: literarycirclejpr@yahoo.com. You amy also try with Flipkart.

The author Professor K.Narayana Murty is reachable Dr. Narayana Murthy Kavi <knmuh@yahoo.com>

I wish that the scholarly readers would welcome and appreciate the painstaking effort of Prof, Narayana Murti and send their comments to him.

with warm regards,

prof. shrinivasa varakhedi.Phd
dean and director 
karnataka sanskrit university

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