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Disclaimer and Warning: These guidelines and tips are not necessarily given by qualified medical professionals - these are compilations of experiences of many ordinary people. Self-medication can be dangerous. We take no responsibility whatever, express or implied, for the effects of trying out the ideas and suggestions given here. Consult your doctor.

General Tips: Avoid alopathic medicine wherever possible. This 'raakSasa-vaidya' is recommended only in extreme situations where effective treatments are not available in other systems of medicine. There are far more effective and side-effect-free treatments for many simple day-to-day health problems. Do not go by what the alopathic doctor's say - they are largely ignorant. Often they do not know the exact cause or the effect of the treatment they give. None of them know what causes diabetes, or migraine, or acidity and gas, or leucoderma, or diabetes or obesity, or blood pressure or heart attack. In fact modern scientists do not even understand the term 'cause' clearly. Alopathic doctors treat symptoms. That is why they do so badly in preventing illness in the first place. Alopathic system is based on the false premise that microbes cause diseases and we can use chemicals to kill them and regain health. If microbes cause diseases, how come only some fall ill and not all who are exposed? Neither diabetes nor hypertension, neither obesity nor leucoderma, neither acidity and ulcers nor migraine headache is caused by microbes. The harmful chemicals that pervade our lives today and the resultant weakening of the human body is the real cause of diseases. Chemical drugs do not cure diseases, they cause! To prevent illness and to regain health when it is lost, you need to strengthen your body. The human form has evolved gradually over millions of years and has learnt a lot about fighting microbes. The human body comes with a superb immune system. However, our bodies are totally helpless and defenceless against all the deadly chemicals we use in our lives today. If you are for a perfect health, fight all uses of harmful chemicals, be it at home or industry or even within health-care. Try simple home remedies and aayurveedic treatment first. There is a good chance that you will regain your health without much side effects. And the problems are unlikely to recur.

  1. Bacterial Infections of the Skin: Turmeric (Haldi) is an excellent anti-bacterial agent. Avoid using shaving soaps, creams, and gels - they contain harmful chemicals. You can get a neat shave without any of them - all you have to do is to wet the hair for some time before shaving. After shaving, allow the face to dry and apply a bit of turmeric powder with hand and wipe it off with a clean cloth after sometime to avoid coloring of clothes. Avoid using deodorants, and cosmetics, especially if you have a delicate skin. Turmeric also cures cracked heals and many other skin disorders. You could it warm up a bit before applying to reduce moisture content if any.

  2. Gas, Acidity, Ulcers: Those who never ever eat outside food never get any problems of acidity and ulcer formation. Eating out is the real cause of the problem. If you cannot altogether avoid eating out, reduce it drastically and get very choosy about what you take and where. Even while cooking at home, use natural materials directly rather than ready-to-use short-cuts purchased from a department store. Bananas may be helpful. Avoid taking antacids. They contain bases that are harmful. Also, acid-base reactions are generally exothermic - you will only end up generating more heat and burning. Belladonna is excellent in reducing the excess secretions of digestive juices. 'Magnine' is a good combination of antacids and belladonna extract and may therefore be recommended. Take half or one tablet immediately after food, twice daily. Hurry, Worry and Curry (that is, spicy food) aggravate the problem, although they do not cause it in the first place. praaNaayaama, japa, dhyaana and yooga go a long way in both prevention and therapy.

  3. High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Palpitations etc: Take Garlic. If you cannot stand the taste and smell of garlic, you can take 'garlic pearls' - one or two pearls after dinner just before going to bed. Brisk walking is recommended. If you do more of physical work and reduce your table-and-chair office work and all the attendant mental worries, you can maintain good health and avoid these problems. These diseases are caused by harmful chemicals in the food and water we take. The only way to completely eradicate these diseases is to drastically reduce, if not completely avoid use of chemicals in every walk of life.

  4. Migraine Head Ache: Meditation is the best and safest cure. Calm down your mind. Practice praaNaayaama, japa and dhyaana. Medicines that can cure the disease permanently and irreversibly do not exist.

  5. Leucoderma: (White Patches on Skin) Caused by harmful chemicals in the water and food we take. Use of artificial materials such as plastics on the body may aggravate but these are not the causes. Rusted iron articles, tight-fitting ribbons, bands etc., vitamin C and sour substances etc. are all possible promoters but not causes. There are all kinds of dangerous treatments but the only proper way to prevent and cure the disease is to reduce the intake of chemicals. Practically all sources of drinking water have been poisoned with deadly chemicals - pesticides and insecticides in particular. The farmer, who used to do the sacred job of producing food, is today poisoning food and water, thanks to profit motive and continuous brain-washing by ignorant scientists and policy makers.

  6. Back Pain etc.: Avoid sitting on chair, sofa etc. all the time - squat on the floor. Prefer Indian style toilet for the western style. Walk, bend, exercise your body as part of your daily routine.

  7. Throat Infection/Pain, Cold, Cough etc.: Avoid taking cough syrups - they contain extremely dangerous chemicals (such as phenyl-propanl-amine hydrochloride) that can affect your brain and nervous system and cause haemorrhage of brain, especially in women. Many times infections start at the throat and spread from there. Prompt treatment can prevent serious illness, fever etc. Salt water gargling and turmeric (haldi) mixed with warm milk are some of the simplest things you can try. 'Trishun' is very effective and just half a tablet or even a quarter of it based on the severity of infection, sensitivity of the patient and promptness of treatment, can cure completely in just one or two doses.