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bhaarati is a Movement guided by the following Five Principles: 1) Simple Living 2) Self Improvement 3) Human Values 4) Indian Tradition 5) Social Service. We encourage all like minded people to be in touch. Want to know more? bhaarati-brochure.pdf *
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The civilization of India is one of the oldest and grandest. Indian tradition is rich. No facet of life has been forgotten or neglected. You will find everything - science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, architecture, literature, linguistics, music, dance, drama, stories, whatever you are looking for. There is something interesting and useful for everybody here. The most profound truths that man has ever been able to grasp have been discovered here in India. Welcome to this superb treasury of Indian thought, Knowledge and Culture!

Here is a humble attempt to help you get a clear and complete understanding of all that is India, the essence of all of human thought accumulated and perfected by millions of people over thousands of years. This is an honest attempt to compile, organize and present in a language and parlance you understand. Hope you will find this both interesting and useful. Read on!          Still Have Difficulties?        Learn more: Modular Courses in Sanskrit and Indian Tradition

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Just Think!

- Health - Money - Eat Well! - Books - Cleanliness - Ignorance! - Your Days are Numbered! - Truth - Progress - IPR - Objects and Attributes - Purpose - Who are You?

There is something to learn from everything we see around us. The truth is always glaring at our face, symbolically. All we need to do is to keep our eyes and ears, and more importantly our minds, open.

The oceans accept and store all the water from all the rivers that flow into them - they never say 'enough'! The clouds, on the other hand, eagerly give out all that they have, until they themselves get reduced to nothing!

The clouds occupy a higher position, the oceans occupy the lowest levels. The clouds, standing high up in the sky, can get a clear vision of everything. They are ever free, they can go wherever they want, the sky is the limit. The oceans are constrained to the murky depths of darkness. The oceans are bound, constrained, restricted.

Giving is elevating, it gives you knowledge, power and happiness. Taking puts you down. If we spend all our lives amassing wealth, accumulating useless gadgets, we become too possessive and selfish. We feel sad at the very thought of losing our priced possessions. There is surely joy in acquiring things. But there is greater joy in giving. Try once. You do not have to give up everything, make one small token attempt today. And see the difference!

You can give food, money, and other material stuff. Better still, you can give livelihood. Best of all, you can give education - true education, right knowledge. Because right knowledge makes a man out of the beast that we all are.


Every one of us has a chance to do something big with our lives, something bigger than anybody ever told us. And by waking up to this potential, and acting on it, amazing things happen; to other people, to ourselves.

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