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Modular Courses in Sanskrit and Indian Tradition:

Modular Courses in "1. Learn Sanskrit and Indian Tradition" and "2. aatma-paris'oodhana-yooga" (or Yoga for Self Improvement) are being conducted. Contact for Details and for Registration. *

Among the languages of the world, Sanskrit has a very unique position. It is not only an ancient language but also a living language, contrary to what many tend to think. The number of people who speak Sanskrit at home or office may not be large but that is not the only indicator of a living language. There are a large number of people who know Sanskrit, who can speak, read, write and teach. Sanskrit has an unbroken tradition lasting thousands of years. New works are being created even today. And there are larger numbers who wish to learn. Come, Learn Sanskrit.

When you learn Sanskrit you not only learn the grammar and technicalities of a human language but also learn many valuable things about human life and human values. Sanskrit is rich with ideas and values. Come, let us all learn.

Sanskrit has had a great influence on modern Indian languages as also on English and other languages of the world. Of course it has also absorbed and enriched itself by contact with other languages. If you know an Indian language, you actually already know quite a bit of Sanskrit. In fact even if you know only English, you already know quite a bit of Sanskrit. Only you do not know that you know. Learning Sanskrit would be therefore easy, fun and useful too.

Many of you do not have the time or patience to go through the hardships of a regular long term course. Here we offer modular courses so that you can learn at your own pace and at your own convenience. Modules are designed to suit the needs of people of different temperaments, backgrounds and interests. Each module will take approximately 8 to 12 classes, which can be covered comfortably in one month if we schedule one or two classes every week.All Modules are for beginners - no background is essential. The only pre-requisite is serious interest to learn. A * indicates that the course may spread across one or more modules.

Keep Visiting this page. More courses are planned in a phased manner. Courses are offered from time to time based on need and number of serious seekers. Contact Kavi Narayana Murthy for more information.