Freedom: Table of Contents

What appears Real need not be Real. Dreams appear real, very real, as real as real can be, as long we are still dreaming. We realize that it was only a dream and not real only AFTER we wake up, not till then. Likewise the world appears real in our waking state. No wonder. This does not mean that whatever we experience in our waking state is actually real - it may or may not be. For our day to day transactional life, it is OK to take everything for granted but if the idea is to seek the ultimate reality, we need to be very very careful. We cannot even assume that space exists or time exists or other people exist, until and unless we understand what exactly we mean by existence and we have given a convincing proof. It is possible, at least in principle, that the entire world disappears as soon as we wake up to a different, possibly higher state of consciousness. All proofs given about the dream world, while we are still dreaming, become null and void the moment we wake up. Likewise, all the great things we have discovered, established and proved about the world we experience in our waking state, while we are still within the same state, can be and should called into question. Modern Science is not as scientific as you think it is. Seekers of Real Knowledge should be aware of these possibilities and tread very very cautiously. Only then can we reach up to the final truth. The first two chapters take you through stages till you understand the true nature of the whole universe and the true nature of yourself. The story unfolds gradually, like a proof, and so it is important that you read through the book carefully, from the beginning till the end. This knowledge, called 'vidyaa', forms the solid and proper foundation for the study of all other branches of human knowledge.

Keeping all this in mind, the third chapter focuses on our normal, day to day life and tells us what is human life, what is the goal of life, how to live, how to maximize good things like happiness, peace, health, satisfaction, fulfilment and all-round well-being, while minimizing war, terrorism, murder, rape, kidnap, exploitation and all other negative things in this world. This chapter helps you to understand your own mind properly, and hence to train it and sharpen it. It helps you become stronger from inside. This book is about your life, this book is for you. Please read through the book. You will stand to gain immensely.

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