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Freedom: There are Millions of varieties of living beings in the world. The human species is just one among them. The probability of being born as a human being is thus extremely small. Of all those Millions of life forms, only human beings can think, talk, know, understand, and realize. No other living being can. Human life is an extraordinarily great gift of God or Nature. The goal of human life is to seek knowledge, realize the true nature of oneself and be liberated from the bondage of ignorance. Such real knowledge of the self is calledvidyaa. All other kinds of knowledge is grouped together and called avidyaa.

saa yidyaa yaa vimuktayee - That is Real Knowledge which Liberates.

Seek vidyaa. Read my book entitled "Freedom". "Download Freedom Book" For Printed Copies of the Book Contact

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"Here is one book which covers all aspects of life, simple, clear, written with a scientific bent of mind, a great book, very much unlike many other books I have seen on similar topics"

"The book is a masterpiece - no doubt"

"The book is simply awesome and I feel it is a 'must read' for all human beings"

"This is a book I love to read again and again"

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Review by Prof. Shrinivasa Varakhedi

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